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The field I chose.

Sometimes I wonder why I do construction I could’ve chosen any other field of work except this one but the fact of the matter is I realize that after long days long weeks leaving out early in the morning coming back home late at night’s spending countless hours in traffic from one job site to another from a prospective client to a current one. I spend my days thinking of my sons do they understand what I’m doing, why I’m always away working I hope they understand that this is for them. I worked this hard to show them that life isn’t easy and if you need something you have to grind at it day in and day out to get the results that you’re looking for. I have this vision of where I need JJK contracting to be and for that I have to work harder than I’ve ever worked at anything else in my entire life. I work this hard because I’m motivated I worked this hard because I have a plan and I realize that I worked this hard because I love what I do. After my “regular” exhausted day is over I still go home thinking how I could’ve made something that I’ve done earlier that day better or how will I tackle what I have to do the next day. My days are never over I have to plan, think and strategize my every move to make sure that I am making the right decisions work wise and financially. I love that feeling of starting and finishing a project on time knowing that my clients are fully acceptable of the job that we have done make every project worth while make every project worth doing. My day could’ve been exhausting I could’ve lost feeling in my arms but I will be the first person at the job site the next morning ready to start all over again.