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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether serving quick meals, hosting family gatherings or quiet evening dinners, your kitchen is an important part of your every-day life. Now is the perfect time to bring new warmth and character to your kitchen.

We provide personalized service with an in-home consultation to help you get the kitchen you want. With a wide variety of styles and finishes for Cabinets, Countertops, Faucets and Sinks, and even Flooring, we’re able to help you find your style tailored to your budget and timeline.  Our services include complete project management through professional installation. Trust our experts to help bring your ideas to life. We took the worrying out of remodeling with our no money down financing option subjected to approval pay no interest for 6months. Call (888)515-2511 or visit our website for a free estimate and leave the contracting to us. 
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The most used space in the house. 

Tired of that old worn out,outdated,dark and dull bathroom? Thinking about a remodeling project but scared it might break the bank. At JJK Contracting we’re experienced in finding the cheapest way to providing our clients with a modern,spacious, bright, warm  feel and look to a bathroom you deserve. We’ve made it easier by adding financing as a payment method. You can now finance your projects with no money down and no interest on all payments for 6mo. Visit our website for more info today at or call us toll free (888)515-2511 for a free estimate.  



Our mobile web app

Everything JJK Contracting is now at your finger tip. We have made it very easy for our clients to stay up to date with us and everything surrounding their projects starting with a free estimate with our new and improved interactive mobile and web applications.

The Bathroom 

JJK Contracting is a full service bathroom remodeler bringing expertise and quality to your project. We help you design a bathroom that is right for your space, whether it is residential or commercial, we will perform plumbing, electrical work, lighting, and construction to deliver the perfect bathroom you deserve. If you have been dreaming of a bathroom that’s not only practical and attractive, but also serves as a place for peace and calm serenity, the New York bathroom remodel experts at JJK Contracting can help you. Our bathroom remodeling experts  can turn any ordinary bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. We believe that your bathroom should not just serve its functional purpose, but also be a beautiful and relaxing place of retreat. Whatever the scale of the bath renovation project, we can assist in every way, starting with a free and custom bathroom estimate  with our professional estimator. See why so many of satisfied customers across New York are recommending us to their friends. Call us at (888)515-2511 or visit our Website for more information. Leave the contracting to us. Web app

Today’s Home Remodeler TV Schedule

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Here’s this weekend’s Today’s Home Remodeler TV Schedule for Madison WI on TVW Channel 3.2 or Cable Channel 14:

Saturday, January 17 at 5:00 pm.

Sunday, January 18 at 9:00 am and 6:30 pm.

This week’s episode of Today’s Home Remodeler features the professionals from Olson Heating, Cooling & Geothermal. Click on today’s video for a preview.

For more videos on home building, remodeling and maintenance, visit our website.

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Not all contractors are the same.


Every job completed by JJK Contracting is us leaving our reputation behind. Our work is our business card in a sense that every time someone looks at a project done by us they should be inspired to give us a call and have some work done themselves. This is why we do every job no matter how tiny or how big to the best of our ability giving circumstance like budgets. After we’re all packed up and gone we feel as though our work will be an interview piece for other perspective clients. Call us today toll free at (888)515-2512 or visit us online at for more information on starting your next project and leave the contracting to us.

Remodeling Contractor

For a good remodeling experience in Bronx NY, you’ll want a common remodeling company – a construction professional who knows several trades and hires trades people, called subcontractors or “subs,” to grip various aspects of the labour, such as plumbing, electrical, concrete, and drywall. We at JJK Contracting is that remodeling expert Whether you’re planning on building a room addition or a whole house, a general contractor is probably the first person you’d think to call. But JJK Contracting offers many more services than just building basic structures . Door installations, decks, framing and concrete slabs are just a few of the tasks that we as a general contractor can perform. General Contractors perform a wide variety of jobs and service a number of projects with their many skills. JJK Contracting involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home or office and is associated to the upkeep to steer clear of such problems. Many types of repairs are “do it yourself” (DIY) projects, while others may be so complicated, time-consuming or dangerous as to propose the assistance of a qualified handyman, property manager, contractor/builder, or other professionals. Repair is not unavoidably the same as home rehabilitation, although many improvements can result from repairs or maintenance. Painting is a serious business. You need the proper tools, knowledge and a bit of imagination to do it right. While we know you have it all, it will save you a lot of trouble to call the professionals at JJK Contracting to do it for you. Trust us and in the end it may even be less expensive. It will save you a lot of nerve racking moments for sure. Leave the contracting to us.

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Looking to have some flooring done? JJK Contracting is a phone call or click away from that nice clean look and feel that wood flooring brings. Starting with our free estimate we will help you decide the kind of flooring to best fit your needs. For more photos and info visit our instagram page @jjkcontracting to see more flooring projects or our website for more contact and general information.




The field I chose.

Sometimes I wonder why I do construction I could’ve chosen any other field of work except this one but the fact of the matter is I realize that after long days long weeks leaving out early in the morning coming back home late at night’s spending countless hours in traffic from one job site to another from a prospective client to a current one. I spend my days thinking of my sons do they understand what I’m doing, why I’m always away working I hope they understand that this is for them. I worked this hard to show them that life isn’t easy and if you need something you have to grind at it day in and day out to get the results that you’re looking for. I have this vision of where I need JJK contracting to be and for that I have to work harder than I’ve ever worked at anything else in my entire life. I work this hard because I’m motivated I worked this hard because I have a plan and I realize that I worked this hard because I love what I do. After my “regular” exhausted day is over I still go home thinking how I could’ve made something that I’ve done earlier that day better or how will I tackle what I have to do the next day. My days are never over I have to plan, think and strategize my every move to make sure that I am making the right decisions work wise and financially. I love that feeling of starting and finishing a project on time knowing that my clients are fully acceptable of the job that we have done make every project worth while make every project worth doing. My day could’ve been exhausting I could’ve lost feeling in my arms but I will be the first person at the job site the next morning ready to start all over again.





Genie Smart Lock Aims For Year-Long Battery Life

I know we take this question lightly but really “what does the future hold”