The work place.


Why should a contractor treat his workers with respect not only at face value but also in wages. A great carpenter is very rare to find especially when running a small company so if you find a crew that you can trust to start and finish a project and doing so with the vision you or the customer foresaw the project being done, without the owner having to be on site micromanaging every step, that’s a crew that must be treated as a valuable asset to the company. I believe in everything you do you get back what you put in and more at times. If there’s a constant chatter among workers about wages or ill treatment by by the company there will always be less production and more malice that is a recipe for the company and it’s reputation to fail. Make the work place or working environment as comfortable as possible for your workers. When the crew is content with their wages and working conditions they will look forward with a smile to get to the sites to start,continue or finish a project the best way they know how. Let your crew know how much they mean to you as the owner, to the company and how much you appreciate what they do. I would say take it to another level, if you profit margin is more than expected at the end of a project put 10-50% of that margin into a bonus account for your employees for the end of the year there’s nothing that says we appreciate you like a higher than expected bonus. At first I would hope that every company does these things because they are the right things to do but doing these you will get back way more than what you put in. Be a good caring boss know your workers and their stories and in return you will get and keep good employees that will help build the business that you thought it would be when it was just an idea only you knew about.


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